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Dr. Amina Kadous: Exploring Memory through Visual Art

Dr. Amina Kadous is a visual artist located in Cairo who is presently using her work to investigate ideas about memory. Kadous, who was born in Cairo in 1991, graduated from Tufts University with a degree in fine arts.


Kadous has worked on several projects throughout her career, including:

- "The Memory Box": This project investigates the notion of memory as a tangible thing. Kadous designed a number of boxes that are filled with mementos—items and pictures. The boxes are designed to be opened and investigated so that the observer can feel the memories firsthand.

- "The Memory Palace": This concept was motivated by the ancient Greek and Roman method of storing information in a "memory palace." Kadous designed a number of rooms that symbolize various memories. The visitor is supposed to move around the rooms in order to relive the memories because each room is loaded with items and pictures that symbolize the recollection.

- "The Memory Archive" is a project that compiles images that depict memories. There is a brief description of the memory each image depicts in addition to it.

Inspiration and Themes:

The concept of memory and how it affects our identities is what inspires Kadous. Her research examines how memories can get lost, corrupted, and preserved over time. She is particularly intrigued by the connection between place and memory and how our memories of a place might affect how we perceive it.


Dr. Amina Kadous is a talented visual artist who is making important contributions to the field of memory studies. Her work is thought-provoking and inspiring, and it challenges us to think about the ways in which memory shapes our lives.


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