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Dr. Lebohang Liepollo Pheko: Shaping the Future of South Africa

Meet Dr. Lebohang Liepollo Pheko, a formidable force in South African activism and a distinguished political economist. As a senior research fellow at the dynamic Trade Collective, an activist feminist think tank headquartered in South Africa, she's at the forefront of transformative change. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years, Dr. Pheko has left an indelible mark on policy, governance, and cultural transformation throughout the African continent. Her strategic acumen has been instrumental in shaping the destinies of numerous organizations. Get ready to be inspired by her remarkable journey and the impact she continues to make.

Background and Education

Born in the crucible of South Africa's apartheid era, Dr. Pheko's journey is one of unwavering resilience and an unshakeable commitment to social justice. Growing up amidst the harrowing injustices and glaring inequalities of her homeland, she felt the searing urgency for change deep within her soul. It was this very fire that ignited her dual path in activism and academia.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the prestigious University of London and a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Pheko embodies the fusion of knowledge and passion. Her academic prowess, coupled with her firsthand experiences, make her a beacon of hope and a driving force for change in the quest for a more just and equitable world.

Career and Achievements

In the realm of advocacy, Dr. Pheko stands as an unwavering voice for gender equality, economic justice, and human rights. Her career is a testament to her unrelenting commitment to these critical causes. Through prolific writings and captivating speeches at global conferences and events, she has ignited conversations that transcend borders and inspire action.

Beyond her words, Dr. Pheko's actions speak volumes. She is a founding pillar of the African Gender Institute, an institution dedicated to reshaping norms and breaking barriers. Her impact extends further as she lends her expertise to the boards of influential non-profit organizations, including the African Women's Development Fund and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa. With every endeavor, Dr. Pheko blazes a trail towards a more equitable and just world.

Beyond Growth 2023 Conference: Pioneering a New Vision

In a pivotal moment at the Beyond Growth 2023 Conference, Dr. Pheko took center stage to champion a profound message. She eloquently articulated the urgency of embracing a fresh economic paradigm, one that places social and environmental justice at its core. Her words resonated deeply, echoing the need to dismantle systemic inequalities in the pursuit of sustainable development. Dr. Pheko's speech was not just well-received; it was a clarion call for change.

In Conclusion: A Beacon of Change

Dr. Lebohang Liepollo Pheko's legacy is one of trailblazing activism and profound contributions to the realm of political economy. Her impact extends far beyond borders, shaping the course of social justice and human rights. As a leading voice, she continues to steer us toward a brighter, more equitable future.


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